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 Who We Are……….

I’m Steve Ackley, owner of Ackley Homes.   I’ve been in the Construction Industry since 1993.   A graduate of Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, Oregon, I was also a Boy Scout and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 1973.  I ran charter boats and fished commercially for close to 30 years, and have been a permanent member of our coastal community for the last 22 years.   This area can have some of the most beautiful as well as some of the harshest weather conditions in the Northwest.  I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.  After the fishing industry in our area suffered in the early ‘90’s I felt that building homes for folks was what I wanted to do.  I’ve applied my 15 years of experience in the boating industry, as well as my knowledge of our coastal weather to our method of quality construction into every new home we build.  The people on our team are local subcontractors that live and raise their families in our community.  They take pride in their work and stand behind it.


What We Do……….

We take pride in and stand behind our work and will always be here for our customers.  There are many things that we feel make our homes a great product and a great investment.  Because we use the same group of people to build our homes, everyone looks out for one another which ensures that we do things right from the beginning to keep costly mistakes from happening and always keeping integrity and quality at the highest level.  

All materials used on our homes are of the highest quality and best suited for our area.  If a person building a home in this area is not familiar with the harsh environment  we live in here, problems can arise down the road.  We believe that building a home should be a fun and enjoyable experience and that our clients should be able to enjoy their home as an investment and feel safe and happy that they made a decision to build their home with us.  Thank you for considering us to help make your dream come true.


Just a few highlights of our unique coastal construction features ………..

Ø    Plywood Wall sheeting for strength, stability and resistance to moisture

Ø    Plywood Roof sheeting for strength, stability and resistance to moisture

Ø    All Stainless Fasteners to eliminate the issue of fastener failure due to corrosion in our marine climate

Ø    Malarkey Legacy Roofing, with a 50 year product warranty, and 110 MPH wind warranty, to stand up to coastal wind storms.

Ø    Engineered Flooring Systems utilizing Trus Joists and Gold Edge Flooring for a solid, squeak free floor

Ø    Cedar Shakes  and or Horizontal Cedar Siding, all from our area {Western Red Cedar}, for natural longevity and weather resistance

Ø    We also have the ability to help you design your home from minor sketches



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